Opening Night

Opening Night!

8:00pm, Friday, August 26, 2016 – Alabama Theatre

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The Opening Night Block Party, following the film on 3rd Avenue North, will feature many surprises.
The one and only Gip Gipson will perform from 10-10:30 PM followed by Shaheed & DJ Supreme & Nerves Baddington.


Paul (Ethan Hawke) stops in tiny Denton enroute to Mexico. While in town the resident bully, Gilly (James Ransone), picks a fight with him, one that, despite Gilly’s self confidence, he's not able to win. Paul hightails it, but the humiliating run-in sparks a frenzy of machismo and furor. Embarrassed, Gilly sets out with his apprehensive gang in search of rage-filled revenge and man, things really, really don’t go the way he planned.

With memorable performances from the entire cast, including Taissa Farmiga and John Travolta (one that reminds you that he is, indeed, a stellar actor), In A Valley Of Violence is a darkly humorous, action-packed, entertaining, smartly self-aware and ultimately super fun, genre explosion of a film… plus there’s an adorable dog.

In the spirit of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez and with an obvious deep and broad knowledge of the works of John Ford and Sam Peckinpah, Director Ti West (an auteur in his own right) delivers a smart well-crafted contribution to the Western natatorium, proving, for one, that he can skillfully work outside of the horror genre. I think it’s safe to say that Sidewalk has never opened the festival with a Western, perhaps that’s because we’ve never loved one in quite the way we do In A Valley Of Violence.

-Rachel Morgan