The annual Sidewalk Film Festival would not be possible without the help of hundreds of amazing volunteers and because we know this is true, the Sidewalk staff works hard to be sure that our volunteers are cared for, provided with unique and meaningful perks (see below) and acknowledged for their service (see our “Volunteer of the Year” award winners)

Please select a committee below to see the volunteer options for that area of the Festival. More volunteer shifts may be added throughout the summer. Check back here for updates!

Current Volunteers: To update or change your current volunteer shifts, click here.

Double Perks: Note that signing up for shifts in Production or Ticketing count as double perks, for example, if your shift is 4 hours long, you’ll receive perks as if you volunteered for 8 hours.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Select committee that interests you

Volunteer Perks

Volunteer 1-4 hours total
  • Volunteer t-shirt
  • 2 festival general admission tickets
Volunteer 4.25-8 hours total
  • Volunteer t-shirt
  • 4 festival general admission tickets
  • 2 Sidewalk Cinema tickets
Volunteer 8.25-12 hours total
  • Volunteer t-shirt
  • 1 Day Pass (Saturday or Sunday)
  • 2 Sidewalk Cinema tickets
Volunteer 12.25-16 hours total
  • Volunteer t-shirt
  • 2 Day Passes (Saturday and/or Sunday)
  • 1 Saturday Night Party Pass
  • 2 Sidewalk Cinema tickets
Volunteer 16.25+ Hours
  • Volunteer t-shirt
  • 3 Day Passes (Opening Night, Saturday, and/or Sunday)
  • 2 Saturday Night Party Passes
  • 2 Sidewalk Cinema tickets
Committee Heads
  • 2 Volunteer t-shirts
  • Staff credentials for the duration of the festival
  • Extra party pass to the Saturday┬áNight After Party
  • Option to buy an extra VIP pass for heavily discounted price
  • Staff Buttons, Magnets, and Bag
  • 6 Sidewalk Cinema tickets to use year-round
  • 35% Discount off Merch during the Fest and 10% year-round

August 19-25, 2024

Sidewalk Film Festival

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