We’re excited to be partnering with some of our accepted filmmakers to host some live streamed online Q & As on Sidewalk’s Facebook page, in addition to hosting an online table read for our winning Sidewrite scripts and an online workshop with Michael O’Neill!

Below you’ll find the complete schedule for all our online events (they are all free and open to the public with the exception of the Michael O’Neill workshop – Michael is generously donating all the proceeds from that workshop to Sidewalk!)

We may be adding a few more sessions between now and the end of the fest so stay tuned!


Saturday, August 22nd

Q & A w/ Tony Oswald and Pisie Hochheim – A Dim Valley and Handheld – 6 PM CDT


Sunday, August 23rd

Q & A w/ Melanie Jeffcoat and Jay Galloway – Requiem – 6 PM CDT


Monday, August 24th

Q & A w/ Jason O’Brien and Jubal John – Met My Baby (Down at the Record Store) – 11 AM


Tuesday, August 25th

Q & A w/ Clint Till – Hangry – 11 AM CDT


Wednesday, August 26th

Q & A w/ Jean-Cosme Delaloye – Harley – 11 AM CDT

Q & A w/ Fairn Whatley and Suzanne Barrow – The Mystical Migration of the Monarch – 1 PM CDT


Thursday, August 27th

Q & A w/ Rico Shay – Slave 2 – 11 AM CDT


Friday, August 28th

Q & A w/ Ondi Timoner – Coming Clean – 2 PM CDT


Q & A on our Facebook Live Friday, August 28th at 2 PM CDT focusing on the film Coming Clean. We will be joined by the following folks:

Ondi Timoner – Director/Producer, Victoria Lenas – Producer, Brittany Pettersen, Destiny Garcia, Admiral James Winnefeld, Congressman Ben McAdams, State Senator Brittany Pettersen, Mike Moore, Esq., Carl Henry, Jennifer Ramsden

Q & A w/ Kevin Webb and Kwani Dickerson-Carson – The Odyssey of Cleve Eaton – 4 PM CDT


Saturday, August 29th

Q & A w/ Miles Hargrove and Eric Martin – Miracle Fishing – 10 AM CDT

Filmmaking and Festivals Post-COVID w/ Melanie Addington, Cameron McAllister, Brighid Wheeler – 11 AM CDT

An Online Conversation w/ Michael O’Neill (paid, private registration required) – 1 PM

Q & A w/ Bryian Montgomery Jr. – Good Guy with a Gun – 3 PM CDT

Q & A w/ Kenzie Greer – The Pink House and Into the Black – 4 PM CDT


Sunday, August 30th

Q & A w/ Robert Brogden and Kelley Zincone – Six Nights – 1 PM CDT

Sidewrite Table Reads – 2 PM CDT

Q & A w/ Ben Davis – Observantium – 4 PM CDT

August 19-25, 2024

Sidewalk Film Festival

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