Fundraising Events

Sidewalk is made possible each year in part because of our annual fundraising events, which offer attendees a chance to kick back and have a blast while also supporting their favorite film festival. Check out information about our fundraising events below.

Salsa Showdown

Salsa Showdown is a fundraising competition between local restaurants & catering companies to determine who offers the best salsa, guacamole, queso, and specialty dip. It is held each year on Memorial Day Weekend. Click Here to Buy Tickets.

$idewalk $10K Party

The $idewalk $10K Party is held each year in the fall. It features great food from Rojo, beer and wine, live entertainment and of course the chance to take home some incredible prizes, like the grand prize- $10,000!

Tickets are $150 and provide you with admission for two to the party and a chance to win the big prize. We only sell 150 tickets to this event and we sell out every year so don’t wait. 
When the event is announced, information can be found HERE.