Sunday Narrative Shorts

Goose Egg

Madeline Leshner, Zach Stone 13 United States Starring

Phoebe Tyers (HBO’s “Search Party”) and Matt Barats (Factory 25’s “Inspector Ike”). After Tim is taken hostage by a pair of vengeful vagrants, he must find a way to get home and deliver his mom’s medication before her violent, hallucinatory migraines eclipse her sense of reality.


Bennie Deter, Jack Deter, Danial Eskandarzadeh 8 Cananda

An average incompetent boss repeatedly condescends and abuses his employees. When one of the employees, Frankie, reaches his limit, he seeks a quiet revenge that turns into an uncomfortable situation. He’s forced to release everything that’s built up.


Brennan Martignoni 9 United States

A strange young man seeks a twisted sort of salvation in the home of a stranger.

Breaking Fast with a Coca Cola

Amy Yasmine Omar 14 United States

After growing up in the secular households of their Turkish immigrant parents in the Midwest, Özlem and Ada are desperate to celebrate a tradition of their own. Together, they embark on a day of fasting and feasting for Ramadan and embrace their cultural differences along the way.

Portrait of a Cowboy

Devon Wycoff 15min United States

Alex returns home for the first time since her fathers death in order to prep her family’s farm to be sold at auction. After unearthing a letter she never received, Alex is able to move through the anger she held and find peace with the memory of her father. Alex mistakenly sells an important item in the estate sale which places yet another obstacle in the path of healing. The film is a commentary on the ambiguous nature of sentimental attachment, assigned value and how sometimes in grief, symbology is needed over reality.

The Crying Boy

Meredith Johnson 12min United States

When a violent murder shakes a rural town, a boy’s nightmares take a seemingly prophetic turn when he claims to have identified the murderer.

Draw Up and Stare

Jeremiah Kipp 20min United States

A fireman returns to his quiet upstate cabin after unexpected time away, only to discover that he’s not alone.

Picture Day

Kelly Pike 16min United States

Casey, an Asian-American tomboy coming of age on Army bases, prepares for picture day at her new school, deciding what she’s willing to sacrifice in order to fit in.

Somewhere In Between

Kyle Vorbach 15min United States

Two will-they-won’t-they friends are just keeping it simple this New Year’s Eve — until their house is crashed by a man from the future who tells them that the fate of the universe rests in their hands!

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