Sunday Documentary Shorts

Abortion: Add To Cart 

Jessica Sarah Flaum 35 United States

In the digital age, self-managed abortions come in a new form: pills ordered online. With increasing burdens placed on clinics, activists are combining the powers of abortion pills and the internet to provide abortions in a revolutionary way and highlight how new technology could transform accessibility in the United States. This short documentary explores the marketplace circumventing regulations to provide abortion pills over the internet. We will follow two storytellers, Alice and Ari through their self-managed abortion experiences. Alice self-managed her abortion through Aid Access, a Dutch organization. Conversely, Ari, a trans-masculine non-binary storyteller, recalls a self-managed abortion experience before these resources were available. We speak with various organizations such as Plan C and If/When/How who support those looking to self-manage. Doctors weigh in on the abortion pill and FDA regulations that prevent it from becoming widely available. Lastly, we investigate the emergence of telehealth, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and what the future of abortion looks like.

In the Bubble with Jamie 

Emily Harrold 38 United States

In South Carolina, African American Jaime Harrison takes on Republican incumbent Lindsey Graham to run for US Senate. But what happens when the COVID epidemic sets in? In a state with one of the largest African American populations in the United States, Harrison must face not only a global pandemic but a legacy of racial injustice that makes winning an uphill battle.

It’s in the Voices 

Field Humphrey 17 United States Historian Clint Bagley revisits an oral interview he conducted in 1976. As he dives deeper into the interview, we learn about Daisy Greene and her community of Greenville, Mississippi.

Under G-d

Paula Eiselt 26 United States

The U.S. Supreme Court decision Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization from June 2022 sparked a national response, particularly in the Jewish community. Inspired by the lived experiences of Jewish women, lawsuits are currently being launched by rabbis, Jewish organizations, and interfaith leaders to challenge the overturning of Roe v. Wade – on the grounds of religious freedom.

From Fish To Moon

Kevin Contento 13 United States

“From fish to moon” is a common expression in medieval Persian verse, meaning ‘from the depths to the heights’. In Pahokee, Florida there is a grocery store, those who work at the ‘Thriftway’ arrive early, and stay all day roaming the aisles. One of these employees is Jean Voltaire.

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