Student Narrative Shorts

The Fatal Affair 

Carter Stoudt 11min United States

An unhinged husband tries to find a way to deal with his wife’s infidelity in the only way he seemingly knows how. This thriller takes you through the day out of order allowing the story to unfold in a way that a chronological narrative would not. Also, enjoy the Day for Night (D4N) editing technique for the night sequences!


Gabrielle Marie Chapman 6min United States

A free-spirited young woman has a one-night chance encounter with a groom, leading to something much deeper than the classic bachelor trip hookup.

Pickersville House of Talent

Breck Cuddy 15min United States

In this short mockumentary, a small town Midwestern wanna-be virtuoso struggles to open a “Talent House” in order to show everyone in the “big, bing-bong cities” that talent can come from ANYWHERE!

All The Little Impossibles

Zan Miray Lapp 17min United States

“All The Little Impossibles” tells the story of Zoe, a teen girl suffering from hypervisual anxiety and vivid visions of death. Zoe has never told anyone about her anxieties, but when she becomes secluded on a camping trip with her friends and her visions worsen, she must find a way to tell her loved ones what she sees. Suggested ages 13+ for fear, depictions of death, and language.

Until It Does

Sydney Noelle Stephenson 4min United States

“Until It Does” follows a day of a girl who’s life is quickly changed by issues we are facing in 2023.

Real Friends

John Hanninen 13min United States Real Friends is the story of Andrew, a college kid with no friends, who finally meets one online but his stern father doesn’t understand it so he tries to ruin it.

Jabari’s LogTyson D Evans 15min United States Jabari is a college student getting ready to embark on a new journey in his life. He is set to leave for the summer for this out-of-state internship opportunity at this big media company. His girlfriend Cameron is having difficulty accepting that he is going soon, so she vows to make the best of every moment they have.

One night, she takes him on a journey, which starts off innocent, but quickly becomes intense as Jabari and Cameron find themselves face-to-face with an unwanted fate.

Work Life

Kevin Ung 14min United States

Four corporate co-workers unknowingly cross paths during a chaotic weekend that leaves their lives intertwined through improbable twists of fate.

Mrs. American PieKailey Jordan New 12min United States

Brenda’s estranged husband is out of town, again. Fulfilling her southern housewife duties, Brenda spends the day baking a delicious cherry pie. While gathering ingredients, Brenda glances out the window to see Tom, her neighbor who she has been having an affair with, and his family. Overwhelmed with memories of their passionate moments turned sour from multiple arguments, Brenda wants revenge for her broken heart and his broken promise. Grabbing a dusty caution marked bottle marked from under the sink, Brenda adds an extra ingredient into her dessert and concocts a plan to pay Tom a visit. A visit that will unfortunately not go as planned for either of the two lovers.


Tyler Garcia 15min United States

A young woman finds herself at odds with grief and tradition as she prepares for Dia de los Muertos

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