Student Documentary Shorts

Shape the Culture Through Our Vote

Jordyn O. Hudson, Bruce L. Nix, Jr 10min United States The documentary, Shape the Culture Through Our Vote explores the longtime practice of voter suppression in the South and features young people making a difference by addressing the issue and other inequities facing the African-American community.


Emma Wheeler Volz 12min United States

A film about heritage and history, an ancient Incan city, and the life of a person who calls it home.


Madi Moon, Madison Le 10min United States

Recent years have seen an increase in adolescent mental health concerns, and this film examines the resources in Birmingham to meet the need.


Michele Forman 12min United States

Coordinating care for the Birmingham homeless community requires the work of a number of organizations and committed individuals, but the needs are great.


Marina Moore 2min United States

A reflection on the color yellow.

Banned Book Club

Sinead McHugh Keirans 16min United States

A group of high school students fight to return banned books to classroom shelves in central Texas.


Julia Mendoza Friedman 6min United States

An alien explores San Francisco’s Privately Owned Public Spaces and the hidden power structures that exist within them.

Growing Pains

Marina Gabriella Moore 5min United States

A conversation between a father and daughter on the uncertainties of your early twenties.

Tau: Future Therapeutics for Alzheimer’s Disease?Connor Cortez Campbell 6min United States

Jonathan Roth, an aspiring neuroscientist in the Roberson Lab, researches tau-based therapeutics that may eventually improve clinical outcomes for Alzheimer’s disease patients

Up in Smoke

Annie Foreman, Olivia Hall 14min United States

An unregulated landfill caught on fire, with over 25 acres burning 100 feet underground for months. Who in Alabama is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of residents exposed to the smoke and toxic chemicals from the dump?

With These Hands

Cameron B.McClinton, CJ Romano 5min United States

“With These Hands” tells the story and work of Theresa Thrasher, a blind sculptor born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. Created by Cam McClinton and CJ Romano.

Worn Out

Kekeli Doamekpor, Trevor Mastro, Sophia Tamburello 10min United States

Vintage fashion culture celebrates personal expression and offers a more environmentally-friendly way to shop.

Will I Be This Way Forever? 

Connor Cortez Campbell 10min United States

Lance Mason, an athlete diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, perseveres through mental struggles and dialysis treatments to achieve successful transplantation

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