Spin: A Short Film Case Study (Virtual)

Join us for this virtual masterclass with co-directors Jen West and Brandi Nicole on the creation of their short film, Spin. Spin has screened across the United States including at the 2022 Sidewalk Film Festival. In this program, West and Nicole will give in depth insights to the full production process for their short psychological drama including working as co-directors, creating a safe production environment for capturing sensitive content, funding a short, casting it, and getting into film festivals. *This is a "pay what you can" event, with the suggested price of $15. Ticket sales from this event will go towards Education and Outreach programs*


Brandi Nicole is the daughter of a juvenile detention officer mom and 2nd strike convicted felon dad led Brandi to writing characters that explore duality. While she started off as an actor, she fell in love with the storytelling process after writing & producing a slew of short films. Recently wrapping up her role as a staff writer and recurring character on season two of Showtime’s YOUR HONOR, Brandi is currently writing on the Bosch spin-off BALLARD. In her personal life, Brandi splits her time between Memphis and Los Angeles. An advocate for criminal justice reform, she works as a licensed private investigator while in between rooms. When she’s not spending time with her three sons, you can find her decompressing via enjoying her first love: musical theatre.

Jen West is a writer and director best known for her award-winning narrative shorts (Crush, Bubble, Little Cabbage) and vibrant music videos. A Birmingham, AL native, West is driven by a desire to tell the unsung stories of the South with a strong emphasis on inclusivity and redefining societal norms, especially within fantasy narratives. She excels in being mediocre at extreme sports, all-things-witchy in the Bible Belt, creating backstories for ghosts, spinning fire staff + poi, and professionally reading tarot for a spectrum of spirits.