Slavery by Another Name Screening + Panel Burdock Book Collective

Sam Pollard


Sidewalk Film Center + Cinema

Jun 13


Join Burdock Book Collective, the Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument, and the National Parks Conservation Association for the first event in our series, Locked Up & Locked Out: Civil Rights, Social Justice and the Alabama Prison System, which will feature a screening of Slavery by Another Name, followed by a brief discussion led by Dr. Martha Bouyer. By beginning our event series about the legacy of incarceration and convict leasing in Alabama, we hope to expose the roots of the modern prison system and many of its ills, provoke deep thought and discussion about the impacts of the prison system on our society, and lay the foundation for the rest of our project series. In the following two events, we will bring people together to hear from those directly impacted by the current justice system and discuss ways to reduce and repair harms, all while asking, “what does it mean to be free?”



Sam Pollard