SHOUT Shorts

Golden Voice

Mars Verrone 18min United Statew

Forty years after the Khmer Rouge regime, a transgender man returns to the village where he survived the genocide and miraculously found queer and trans community, including the love of his life.

Honey and Milk

 Lisa “Dash” Donato 14min United States

Grayson and Alice spend a final weekend together to dismantle their domestic life as Grayson embarks on a journey of gender expansion.


Beth Warrian 11min United States

Luci, a queer Peruvian-Canadian woman, gives her beloved nephew the Christmas gift of his dreams: a beautiful sequined dress. But when he tries to show the rest of the family, Luci finds herself enacting the same restrictions and shaming she hoped to protect him from.


Austin Lee Bunn 17min United States

A married farmer travels to a gay campground in rural NE Pennsylvania on a quest to find the man he fell in love with 30 years before — and discovers the past is not done with him yet. A narrative/doc hybrid film.

Lonely Country

James Perry 15min Canada

In 1950’s rural Ontario, Eugene, a closeted gay man, comes across Jack, a handsome young hitchhiker. When Eugene offers Jack a place to spend the night, he is forced to question just how much of his true self he is willing to reveal.

Sound to Sea 

Ryan Craver 26min United States

Leo, a shy eighth grader at the cusp of understanding their trans identity, pursues a crush on a boy bunkmate, but is plagued by a frog. Meanwhile, Leo’s eager, gay teacher-in-training Brad tries to connect with his students, but oversteps boundaries in the eyes of a coworker. It is only in nature, among marshes and maritime forests, that Leo and Brad find an unspoken connection.


Alex Bush 18min United States

Isolated in a remote farmhouse for the winter, two friends begin to switch genders.

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