Saturday Alabama Narrative Shorts

A Thief

Steven Hedrick 5 min United States

After learning of the rapture in church, a frightened young boy tries to obsessively protect his family from being taken to heaven. Featuring an original score by Mary Lattimore.

The Spirit Became Flesh

Jesse Aultman 18 min United States

In the middle-of-nowhere Alabama, Sam returns to his deeply religious hometown to visit his sister. To his horror, Sam discovers that his old community has turned into a fanatic cult that worships a sinister monster residing in their woods. Through their disturbing rituals and unnerving sacrifices, Sam is cornered by his townspeople as they attempt to induct him into their faith. He realizes he must find out what this being is and how to tell his sister of its true nature.

The Smortal

Tim Casper 1 min United States

A jogger accepts an unexpected invitation transporting him to someplace exotic, colorful, and… pungent.

The System

Marcus January 12 min United States

Achieving political success is achievable but at what cost.

Stay After The Credits!!!

Feltcher Ash 3 min United States


The Year I Met You

Jay Galloway 13 min United States

When Casey first met Lena, she thought little of it, but after a few more chance encounters, something more starts to develop.

This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Two of Us

Brody Burgess 6 min United States

A classic western stand off takes a really weird turn. This was made as a part of Sidewalk Film Center & Cinema’s October 2022 Super Sized Scramble.


Logan Freeman 10 min United States

A chance encounter with a former lover forces a broken man to confront his past.

The Bridge Work In Progress

Liesa Cole 3 min United States

A Poetry short film starring poet, Gabrielle Bates

Taxing the Sun

Gillian Harrill 24 min United States

Why are Alabama’s neighboring states so far ahead of Alabama when it comes to renewable energy? For decades Alabamians have “thanked God for Mississippi”, but that sentiment ends when we consider our right to choose our own sources of electricity. A few simple policy changes could remove existing barriers and voilà! Alabamians could have more options when it comes to where their electricity comes from. It’s time to stop taxing the sun and fight for Energy Freedom!


Cole Johnson 7 min United States

When a drug dealer discovers he is in danger, he must confront the physical and metaphysical forces that pursue him.

Weather Girl

Gabriela Lopez 3 min United States

A mysterious woman breaks into a lonely man’s apartment.


Directed by Ann Kathleen Williams

6 minutes • USA

Two children attempt to survive in the woods on their own.

Partners Partners

Myles Cain 5 min United States

Statewide Scramble 2023 Audience Award Winner

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