Saturday Alabama Documentary Shorts

Driven By Design: Inside Crimson 

Angel Caro 7 min United States

Lead EV engineer Chris Rodriguez gives an inside look into crimson racing, where his team develops and test fully functional F1 style vehicles, including the design of the first fully electric race car in their school’s history. One of the first documentaries in world history to feature ai animation.

Ann Hodges and The Alabama Meteorite

Anissa Latham 6 min United States

In 1954, a woman from Sylacauga, Alabama was hit by a meteorite. To this day, she’s still the only person to get hit and be able to live to tell the story.

Remembering John A. Andrew Memorial Hospital

Theo M Moore 20 min United States

The Community of Tuskegee, Alabama reflects on the legacy of John A. Andrew Memorial Hospital and the drastic changes after the hospital closed in 1987.

Pete Datcher: Keeping the Past Present 

Anissa Latham 6 min United States

Peter Datcher, a farmer-turned-family-historian from Harpersville, Alabama keeps the stories of his ancestors alive within the home that they grew up in.

The Volunteer

David Brodie 35 min United States

THE VOLUNTEER tells the story of Bruce and LV’s fifty year search for each other, and Bruce’s struggle to come to grips with his guilt, trauma, and anger about the past. It’s a conversation about American identity and the way the powerful exploit prejudice to gain power.

Warrior Retreat 

Drew Callner 27 min United States

Combat Veterans from Alabama attend a Warrior’s Retreat where they discuss trauma, support, and the journey finding a new identity.

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