Menus Plaisirs – Les Troisgros

Frederick Wiseman


Sidewalk Film Center + Cinema

Mar 01

Mar 02

Mar 03

"Menus Plaisirs" is a film about the Troisgros family and their three restaurants: Troisgros, Le Central and La Colline, located in three neighboring locations in central France. Troisgros, a restaurant founded 93 years ago, has had three Michelin stars for 55 years and in 2020 was awarded a Michelin green star for exemplary sustainable practices. Much of the film takes place at Troisgros. The present chef, César Troisgros, is the fourth generation of the family to be in charge at Troisgros. The film shows the day-to-day operations involving the purchase, preparation and service at this restaurant.



Frederick Wiseman


Olivier Giel


James Bishop


Charles Vallette Viallard