International Animated Shorts

The Better Angels

Michael Cusack

13min, Australia

A young soldier trying to escape the horrors of war, finds an abandoned house and within its walls the stories of what might have been.

Meet Again (JAEHOE)

ap-sol KANG

5min, Republic of Korea

‘Hanbyul’, a 14-year-old troubled girl lost in adolescence, experiences a strange festival in the middle of the night. ‘Hanbyul’ runs away from home on her fourteenth birthday because she feels anger against her mom who does not even send a congratulatory text message. She runs for a while and walks into a strange alley. Then, Hanbyul sights a recognizable memory when she encounters a girl who leads a group of monsters in the strange alley.

Le Pain

Alex Vicatos

2min, Australia

Follow along as a group of animated flour-based sweets and loaves come together to make a new friend for their clique – a mischievous, weird and cute film in the kitchen.

Town Hall Square

Christian Kaufmann

9min, Germany

Bernard works behind the windows of a ticket booth at the Town Hall Square subway station and is waiting for something he seems to have forgotten. One day, however, a little tiger shows up and turns Bernard’s orderly life upside down. A short film about an unexpected visitor, annoying radio songs and the lust for life!

Bogan Moths

Tony Radevski

6min, Australia

BOGAN MOTHS is the story of Roger and Benny, two old friends who are struggling with the existential questions of life while fighting the temptation of bright lights at a party full of drunken humans. Roger and Benny loiter in a garage, while the human party is in full swing nearby. In the dark, the two moths discuss the fact they have their lightbulb addiction under control, while truthfully they are waiting and hoping for a person to enter and turn the hanging lightbulb on, setting them free.

Our Pain

Shunsaku Hayashi


Our common pain, although experienced individually and uniquely, is what connects us. It is the ambiguity and variety of our existence that allows us to imagine an infinity of variables, some of these alternatives may be malignant, and some benign.


Star Bazancir, Jasmina Pusök

16min, Sweden

We were created out of love, but something has been taken away from us. Meet Jasmina and Miriam, who took the courage to break free from a life of despair in prostitution.


Ahmad Saleh

16 min, State of Palestine

The dust of war keeps the eyes sleepless. Night brings peace and sleep to all the people in the broken town. Only the eyes of the mother of the missing child stay resilient. Night has to trick her into sleeping to save her soul.

Riace: Mediterraneo

Damiano Bedini

18 min, Italy

“Riace : Mediterraneo” is an animated documentary that retraces the rise and fall of the “Riace migrant integration model” created by former mayor of Riace, Domenico Lucano (known as “Mimmo”), in Southern Italy. In 2016, Fortune included him among the 50 most influential world leaders and in 2010, Lucano was named the third best mayor in the world. His integration model became popular worldwide but ultimately led him to be sentenced to 13 years in jail. What is the true meaning of justice? Should integration be considered a crime?

Still Up There

Joe Loftus

5 min, Ireland

A mortally wounded Astronaut awakens in the upper atmosphere after a catastrophic event. He struggles to remember how he got there and latches himself on to the only familiar thing to him, his own severed arm.

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