Episodic Shorts

Let’s Be Clear

Gabriella Canal

5min, United States

Every data point tells a story. Our Let’s Be Clear campaign is about humanizing data by telling real stories about real people. We do this through 8 unique videos from various sides of the system, including a Judge who is reimagining what justice looks like in Selma, Alabama. Together, these stories are designed to demonstrate the power of criminal justice data to inform and inspire change. Watch the trailer: https://measuresforjustice.org/lets-be-clear/.

Why are we doing this? Because we believe that when everyone has equal access to good data, we can help reshape the criminal justice system.

Let’s be clear: criminal justice data has a story to tell.

Thornton Dial

Lisa Cordes

27min, United States

Monograph’s special broadcast documentary paying tribute to one of Alabama’s most prolific vernacular artists, the late Thornton Dial. Join Jackie Clay as she spends time with Thornton Dial’s family and speaks with Dial’s friend, fellow artist Lonnie Holley. Together they discuss Thornton Dial’s life, his art, and his legacy. Though Dial’s work has showcased in solo exhibits across the nation, Monograph is thrilled to cover Dial’s premiere large-scale solo exhibit in his home state at UAB’s Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts. Come join us in celebration of one of the most creative minds to emerge from Alabama.

Headless: A Sleepy Hollow Story

William Joseph Stribling

19min, United States

In this modernized, comedic update on the Washington Irving classic short story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” awkward science teacher Ichabod Crane finds himself roommates with the legendary Headless Horseman and must embark on a journey to find his new friend’s old head while discovering himself along the way.

Going Somewhere with Matt Davis

Matt Davis

10min, United States

On a tug boat off the coast of Costa Rica a 3,000 year old unicorn with a superiority complex (Jati) plays the role of unchecked imagination and intrusive thoughts to the boat’s only inhabitant (Matt). Explicitly aristophanic in parts, the series is a colorful and sophomoric approach to larger abstract concepts. The show uses a playhouse style, scenes within scenes, and unapologetically esoteric dialogue.

For some, it leaves them wondering what or who is the butt of the joke.

For others, its just a dude, a unicorn, and an artist commune of dildos living their best life on a tugboat.

Hit Man: Ep 1: Secrets of Lies

Elias Plagianos

20min, United States

A lonely hitman from New York City travels to small towns around the country trying to find meaning in his inconsequential life as he fulfills his contracts and eliminates his targets. Based on the best selling “Hit Man” book series by Grand Master of mystery Lawrence Block. Starring Richard Kind, Karen Allen, William Sadler, and Peter Riegert.

That Picnic Show With Nancy

Nancy Tran, Whitney Hamilton

8min, United States

Nancy picnics with locals and celebrities who share their leisurely pursuits.


Theodore Collatos

17 min, United States

Things get turned upside down when JoJo is attacked and wakes up believing he’s Joe Louis – one of boxings greatest legends…

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