Docs After Dark Shorts


Krush The Wrestler

Alex Megaro

14min, United States

Exploring the innate intimacy of submission wrestling, a lifelong wrestler turns his talents into an on-demand fetish video service.


The 200 Phenomena of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Nicola Waugh

13min, Canada

In 2009 an anonymous notebook containing 200 stories of occult and magical phenomena was found at the University of Calgary. Since appearing online, the stories have formed new mythologies around the seemingly mundane city of Calgary.

Lady In The Lake

Joseph Fletcher

25min, Austria

A documentary exploring the fear and resolve of a small lakeside community in Austria when suitcases full of body parts begin washing up on their shore.

The Wixon Family Goes to Burger King

Lindsay M Wolfe-Wroten

10 min, United States

They were tired, they were hungry, and a trip to the Burger King drive-thru would have solved everything. In their own words, a family recounts how everything went hilariously wrong.

The Last Lordship

Atesh Atici

15min, United States

Far away from the motherland, the few remaining knights of a crumbling empire struggle to uphold the core values of their once prosperous kingdom: friendship, art and humor.

In the Rearview

Meagan Massa

7min, United States

As two siblings – the filmmaker and her bother – look back on a road trip with their father 20 years ago, they discover their memories have faded, but the feelings they share remain the same.

Somewhere Higher

Mohammad Gorjestani

25 min, United States

In this vibrant anthology, cannabis users tell us the other side of the story. They tell us that the perspective and clarity offered by cannabis far outweigh the vague, supposed risks. Whether they’re a poet seeking inspiration, a boxer recovering after a fight, or a young Muslim seeking a closer relationship to God. They tell us how herb has helped many Michiganders process grief, be more creative, and engage more completely with their loved ones.

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