Black Lens Narrative Shorts

A Real One

McKenzie Chinn

16 min, United States

Lauren and Keisha’s friendship is an “us against the world” type friendship. They’re 17 and live in a working class neighborhood on Chicago’s largely Black south side. Their friendship is tested when Lauren reveals a tightly-held secret to Keisha, and the two friends must take matters into their own hands in a landscape where the only thing they can truly count on is each other.


David F. Fortune

14 min, United States

A devoted father experiences the highs and lows of teaching his son with down syndrome the sweet science of baseball. However, his patience is stretched as his child struggles to grasp the basic fundamentals of the sport they love.

The Vacation

Jarreau Carrillo

10 min, United States

In Flatbush, Brooklyn, four friends are stuck in their car after it breaks down on the way to the beach on the last day of the summer.


Anndi Jinelle Liggett

11 min, United States

Jelly is a magical-realist coming-of-age about Jelly Johnson, a young, Black girl with a peculiar fascination with death. While trying to solve the mysterious case of a missing neighbor, she comes to terms with a more personal disappearance in the process. Narrated by André Holland.


Gianfranco Fernández-Ruiz

15 min, United States

Basketball connects Jerome to his long-absent father, though not in the ways he wishes. As he struggles to accept his family’s shortcomings, Jerome questions who he and who he’ll become.


Rebecca Marquardt, Lane Michael Stanley

11 min, United States

A gay cis woman’s father is surprisingly happy when she brings her transmasc boyfriend home – but she soon realizes he’s only happy because she’s in a straight-passing relationship.

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