Black Lens Documentary Shorts

The Push

Daniel Stine

23 min, United States

Ja-Mez is about to graduate with his class at Stone Mountain High School – an event that seemed impossible just two years earlier. A childhood tragedy that left him angry and disaffected threatened to derail his life until he came under the wing of Darrell Smith, a caring, empathetic CIS site coordinator working in the school.

The Push provides an inside look at one of the many stories unfolding in thousands of schools across America.

Savi the Cat 

Bryan Tucker, Netsie Tjirongo

18 min, United States

When a devoted Kenyan husband surprises his new Black-American wife with an adorable kitten, neither are prepared for the destruction it wields upon their home, their life, and ultimately, their marriage.

House of Tulip

Cydney Tucker

25 min, United States

House of Tulip follows two Black trans activists as they run for office and work to build Louisiana’s first housing refuge that provides residency for trans and gender non-conforming residents. We’ll follow the founders as they fight to use their organization to protect and build community in a state with one of the highest gun-related murder rates in the country. Their journeys will highlight the dangerous yet beautiful reality of what it means to be Black trans women in the deep South.

Garden Ministry

Kerri Pang

10 min, United States

A joyful portrait of Reverend Dallas Conyers–how she survived environmental racism, became a climate organizer out of necessity, and her passion for healing the climate crisis through community organizing and her front yard garden.


Zaire Love

17min, United States

SLICE explores how Rico and his homeboys in Memphis, TN find joy by submerging themselves in an original swimming art form of athleticism and creativity called slicing.

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