Animated Shorts

My Dear Mr. Whittman

Jeremiah Dickey

2 min, United States

This animated excerpt from documentary series “Queer for Fear” illustrates an 1872 letter of adoration sent to American poet Walt Whitman by a young British writer named Bram Stoker, years before he would find fame as the author of the novel “Dracula.” The letter has since become the focus of much historical conjecture.


There’s a Bison on The Prairie

Morgan Miller

7 min, United States

A short film about existence and sentience. Satirical in tone, the film chronicles evolution and the development of the carnivore.


American Sikh

Vishavjit Singh, Ryan Wesra

10 min, United States

The animated true story of a turban-wearing American Sikh, who after a lifetime of facing prejudice, self-doubt and violence, finally finds acceptance in a superhero costume.

Regular Rabbit

Eoin Diffy

8 min, Ireland

With story and visuals purposefully separated, a Regular Rabbit battles a comically absurd onslaught of disinformation. He is not the nightmare being told. He is as shown, a regular ol’ stupid rabbit doing his usual rabbit stuff! The narrator is full of s#!t!! How is this so hard to believe?! Fake news!! Where’s the evidence?! Agh!!! He is nothing more than a Regular Rabbit!



Daniel Sousa, Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson

14 min, United States

A valiant island warrior, wounded in battle against foreign invaders, falls deep into a mysterious underwater world. Everything changes when the octopus who rescues him transforms into a handsome young man.


Purple Hours

Vaughn Oeth

3 min, United States

A regency-era ball is being held, but the host, Edwin, is nowhere to be found. Sequestered in his private study downstairs, he dances with his partner, Pascal, and they bask in each other’s company – until Pascal asks a question Edwin wasn’t ready to answer.


Where’s Your Barbie?

Travis Vermilye

2 min, United States

As kids, most of us played with store-bought toys. Bombarded with commercials for toys during Saturday morning cartoons, we began our initiation into American consumerism via the desire to have the latest and greatest toy trends from Barbie and GI Joe to Transformers and My Little Pony. Do you still have your toys? Probably not. What happened to them? Where did they wind up? Where’s your Barbie? This piece questions not only the final resting place of our playthings but also our impact on the earth through pollution, particularly with plastic. It is sad to think that something we love so dearly as a child might wind up in the ocean or as part of the great pacific garbage patch, but this is the harsh reality.


Craven Gap

Jonathan Furnell

4 min, United States

A newlywed couple drifts off to sleep in a cozy cabin, only to be awakened by a terrible noise…An Appalachian folktale brought to life.



Anna Sirk-Morato

5 min, United States

The Sundrop is a short 5-minute 2D animated film that tells the story of a robot named Sam. Who, after the sun disappears one day and plunges the world into darkness, finds one last bit of light. She attempts to help using it until others try to steal it from her.


The Computer Cube

Alex Kropinak, Anna Rubanova, Adam Bozarth

3 min, United States

A man struggling to finish some work inadvertently gives his computer sentience.

Porta Party

John T. Hill

3 min, United States

Completed in 48 hours for the “Statewide Scramble” 2023 hosted by Sidewalk Film + Cinema over the weekend of April 14 – 16 by Little Circus, a team of five undergrad students and a faculty team leader. Our assigned genre was “Slapstick Comedy” and our required line was “I wish you would have told me sooner.” We were awarded an Honorable Mention at the competition screening on April 19th. Chadwick’s bros have unwittingly trapped him in a precarious prank and he must use all of his faculties to survive. Will Chadwick’s love for his homies overcome?


He Has To Come Home

Apollo Shepherd

4 min, United States

A dark animated folktale. A hunter enters an eerie forest rife with monsters and emerges with a new perspective


Labor of Love

Richard O’Connor

3 min, United States

Mary Stepp Burnette Hayden was born into enslavement in Black Mountain, North Carolina. She was 7 years old when she was freed. She stayed in Black Mountain and became a midwife, delivering several hundred babies including her own grandchildren. Her granddaughter, Mary Othella Burnette, came to StoryCorps with her daughter, Debora Hamilton Palmer, to honor the family matriarch.


Ninety-five Senses

Jerusha Hess, Jared Hess

14 min, United States

An ode to the body’s five senses delivered by a man with little time left to enjoy them. Tim Blake Nelson and a diverse team of animators from Latin America and the U.S. bring to life this bittersweet tale of regret and redemption from visionary duo Jerusha and Jared Hess.


A Life Of Honor

Richard O’Connor

3 min, United States

When Joseph Patton joined the Navy in 1955, he recalls serving in silence, as the LGBTQIA+ community could not be open while in the military. Despite being the “perfect sailor,” Joseph was kicked out of the Navy for being friends with gay service members, under the assumption that he was homosexual. Due to the status of his “undesirable discharge,” Joseph was unable to receive any benefits for his service in the Navy. Years later, Joseph came to StoryCorps to reflect on his journey and share his resilience, as he fought and successfully changed his status to “honorable discharge.”


Butchy’s Big Pitch

Nick Pruehr, Chrissy Fellmeth

4 min, United States

For over 20 years, filmmaker Nick Prueher’s downstairs neighbor Butchy would tell him his ideas for TV commercials. One day, while shirtless in his kitchen, he allowed Nick to record one of his pitches. This film depicts Butchy’s never-produced commercial pitch for Aflac.


Nature Nurture

Trevor Mastro

5 min, United States

In search of inspiration after breaking up with their partner, an artist is sent by an empath on a journey to carry a tree to the top of a mountain.


No Light Yet

George F Cox

3 min, United States

No Light Yet shows how it feels to go through each day living in fear of being murdered for the color of your skin through mother-son point of view.


Self Love

Michelle Ouellette, Chad Thompson

2 min, United States

Self Love is a sci-fi short about a romantic encounter between two unlikely partners and a crystal that can harness your inner most narcissistic fantasies.

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