AL Shorts

Join us for a short films showcase of some of Alabama's award-winning filmmakers. These shorts will feature previously submitted works to our festival and Scramble submissions.

Part of our Alabama Film Week

The Sibling Code – Dir. Stacey Davis (7 mins)

Synopsis: Sheryl and Austin, a pair of dysfunctional, but loving, siblings meet up at a funeral home to plan a funeral.

A Hand To Hold – Dir. Stacey Davis (2 Mins)

Synopsis: Told from alternating points of view, A HAND TO HOLD explores the connective thread of handholding between parent and child.

Three Fingers – Dir. Paul D. Hart (12:30 Mins)

Synopsis: “Three Fingers” is an intimate, censorial representation of trauma through the point of view of Jesstine, a mother, wife and Marine veteran.

Old E – Dir. Xavier Burgin (14:37 Mins)

Synopsis: Demarkus Jackson, a young basketball star from South Central, Los Angeles, puts his life at risk when he comes home for revenge against his abusive father.

Brax to the Max – Dir. By Daniel Scheinert (3:43 mins) Produced By Team Soppy Suit for the Sidewalk Scramble July 2005

I’m Nostalgic – Dir. Daniel Scheinert (6 mins) Produced for the 2007 Sidewalk Scramble

Synopsis: A portrait of Sarah and Michael from two strangers who know nothing about the other, to two strangers who know everything about each other.

Symptomatic – Dir. Jay Burleson (3:46 Mins)

Synopsis: Two sisters seek out a boutique drug from a sleazebag and wind up in a hairy situation.

Untitled – Dir. Adam Wingard Produced By Team Bloodjet for the Sidewalk Scramble 2005 Team Bloodjet (6 mins)

Untitled – Dir. Adam Wingard Produced By Team Bloodjet for the Sidewalk Scramble July 2004 (5 mins)

First Drag – Dir. Elliott Moe (10:24 mins)

Synopsis: First Drag follows the story of Eve, a drag queen, who has her first ever performance in the southern city of Birmingham, AL.

An American Man – Dir. Lily Ahree Siegel (2:34 mins)

Synopsis: Who is the American man? He is explored in this short, experimental narrative that was released on July 4th.

The Last F*cking Straw! – Dir. Jason Michael Anthony (3:12 mins)

Synopsis: Paul, an exhausted bartender is trying to close the bar at the end of his shift. Just as he starts to lock up, an untimely customer rushes in, forcing Paul to stay longer than he would like. Will this sucky situation finally cause him to snap?

Scramble Winner Jury Winner (April 2023 – TBD Approx 5 mins)

Scramble Winner Audience Choice (April 2023 – TBD Approx 5 mins)