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Hide Your Crazy

Austin Kase, 14 min, United States

Iris is hiding a supernatural secret from her boyfriend Dan, and when he surprises her for her birthday, they have to face it together as a couple.

A horror rom-com about the fear of being truly seen, produced by mental health non-profit Of Substance, and featuring eye-popping visual effects by the legends at Sandbox VFX (Creed III, I Tonya, Gretel & Hansel) and SFX makeup wizard Santino Ferrese (Star Trek: Discovery).


Ty Clancey, 25 min, United States

A widower and his young daughter fend off a predatory land speculator by any means necessary in this psychological thriller set on a dying ranch in the Southwest. With shifting points of view and a twisting power structure, the story delves deep into our perception of control, unraveling a family mystery that spawns eerie tension, abducts our expectations of good and evil, and draws us in to a shocking reveal.

Good Condition 

Frank Mosley, 10 min, United States

Barry’s starting over.


Jillian Corsie, 4 min, United States

Fed up with decades of suffering through the forced perfection of modern beauty standards, a tooth takes matters into its own hands.

Brenda and Billy 

Dave Solomon, 14 min, United States

After an incident involving a pothos plant, a frying pan and a flower pot leaves their mother for dead, estranged siblings (Santino Fontana and Sarah Stiles) come back together to figure out what to do with the body in this post-pandemic dark comedy.

Spit It Out

Ben Deter, 6 min, Canada


The Breakthrough 

Daniel Sinclair , 14 min, United States

Jane and Teddy are on the brink of divorce – but when their marital problems come to a sticking point, they have an unexpected breakthrough.

Don’t Flinch

Zachary Paul, 7 min, United States

“Don’t Flinch” is a short (and queer) homage to George A. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead.” When Brady’s father passes away, he returns home to Alabama with his partner, Jason, in order to visit the grave site. After being disowned by his family due to his sexuality, Brady fears having to deal with years of repressed family trauma, only the oncoming zombie apocalypse turns out to be a much bigger concern.

A Rustle of Leaves

Hunter Hadfield, 9 min, United States

A man obsessed with having children is forced to question reality when his house plant exhibits strange behavior.

The Seal of Death 2

Harris Josey, 18 min, United States

When Tony Han, a former detective, receives a “Seal of Death” letter threatening his honor and life, he ventures out to New York to take down the one person responsible, Shang Lee, The Head of the Yakuza. He joins forces with NYPD Captain Winnie Ford, the sister of his former partner, Marcus, and together they devise a plan to stop Shang Lee for good.

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