35 Downhill

Yona Rozenkier

Ben, his wife and their six-year old son, pay a short visit to Ben's parents in his native kibbutz in northern Israel. Ben has come to ask his father Albert, with whom he has a difficult relationship, for a simple signature in order to recover a family flat in Warsaw that was looted during the Second World War. Albert has other plans... On a whim, he bet a bottle of whisky that he could cross the country from north to south by tractor in less than a week. At a maximum speed of thirty-five kilometers per hour, father and son will finally get to know and love each other.



Yona Rozenkier


Yoel Rozenkier, Shmuel Vilozni, Aviva Nagosa, Dover Koshashvili, Abraham Celektar, Micha Rozenkier


Oded Ashkenazi