This blog post is by Ariel Smith, Screener and Black Lens Intern

Why am I enthusiastic about Black Lens? There’s so much to love! We’re honoring and showcasing black films that delve into black narratives with black individuals with films like Boomerang and Daughters of the Dust this year.

Boomerang stands as a quintessential black comedy, encapsulating the comedic brilliance of Eddie Murphy during his prime and offering a glimpse into the lives of professional singles in the 90s. The stellar cast, including Eddie Murphy, Robin Givens, Halle Berry, and the iconic Eartha Kitt, contributes to its enduring appeal, still quoted over three decades later. The film sparks engaging discussions about dating dynamics and double standards between men and women.

Introduced to Daughters of the Dust during my Black Studies class in college, I am thrilled to revisit it and deepen my understanding of the Gullah-Geechee community. The film’s exploration of a community so closely connected to its African roots while situated in the Western world fascinates me. In a culture that often prioritizes individualism and celebrates isolation, witnessing a film challenge these notions is truly refreshing.

Being in this space, especially during February, feels fantastic. And it’s not exclusively for Black individuals—it’s a time to connect, share, and have a great time together!


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