Awards from Juries of Sidewalk & SHOUT

The following awards are presented by the competition juries of Sidewalk & SHOUT.

“Socks On Fire” Directed By Bo McGuire

Alan Hunter Best Alabama Film ($500)

“The Kids” Directed By Eddie Martin

Best Documentary Feature ($1000)

“The Novice” Directed By Lauren Hadaway

Best Narrative Feature ($1000)

“The Passing On” Directed By Nathan Clarke

Best Black Lens Feature Film ($500)

“Graffica!” Directed By Yogi Dada

Best Black Lens Short Film ($250)

“Clarence of Tomorrow” Directed By Shawn Spear

Best Animated Short ($250)

“Golden Age Karate” Directed By Sindha Agha

Best Documentary Short ($500)

“The Shocklosers Survive Camp Analog” Directed By Lee Fanning

Best Family Film ($250)

“Burros” Directed By Jefferson Stein

Best Narrative Short ($500)

“No Man's Land” Directed By Bronze Mirror Productions

Best Student Film ($250)

“Leylak” Directed By Scott Aharoni + Dennis Latos

Kathryn Tucker Windham Storytelling Award

Audience Awards

The following awards are Audience Awards.

“The Panola Project” Directed By Rachel DeCruz + Jeremy S. Levine

Best Alabama Film ($250)

“Accepted” Directed By Dan Chen

Best Black Lens Feature Film ($250)

“The Neutral Ground” Directed By C.J. Hunt

Best Documentary Feature ($250)

“Not Worth Killing” Directed By Eric Ivey

Best Documentary Short ($150)

“Catch the Fair One” Directed By Josef Kubota Wladyka

Best Narrative Feature ($250)

“Forgive Us” Directed By Duncan Hodges

Best Narrative Short ($150)

“Building a Bridge” Directed By Evan Mascagni + Shannon Post

Best SHOUT Film ($250)

Progammer Awards

“Television Event” Directed By Jeff Daniels

Best Feature Film ($500)

“North by Current” Directed By Angelo Madsen Minax

Best Life & Liberty Film ($250)

“Taffy” Directed By Jon Crawford

Best Short Film ($250)

“Dorothy Oliver, The Panola Project” Directed By Rachel DeCruz & Jeremy S. Levine

Spirit of Sidewalk Award

August 19-25, 2024

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