Awards from Juries of Sidewalk & SHOUT

The following awards are presented by the competition juries of Sidewalk & SHOUT.

“Kid-Thing” Directed By David Zellner

Best Narrative Feature

“American Man” Directed By Jon Frankel

Best Documentary Feature

“Eating Alabama” Directed By Andrew Grace

Best Alabama Film

“Deafblind” Directed By Ewan Bailey

Best Narrative Short

“Brute Force” Directed By Ben Steinbauer

Best Documentary Short

“Julie On Her Way” Directed By Tam Le

Kathryn Tucker Windham Storytelling Award

“Undocumented” Directed By Carlos Estrada

Best Student Film

“Cork's Cattlebaron - What Happens When Robert Leaves the Room” Directed By Eric Steele

Best Standout Actor - Awarded to Robert Longstreet

“An Affair of the Heart” Directed By Sylvia Caminer

Best Editing

“Bay of All Saints” Directed By Annie Eastman

Best Cinematography

“Richard's Wedding” Directed By Onur Tukel

Clint Howard Character Actor Award

“Grand Fugue on the Art of Gumbo” Directed By Gideon Kennedy & Isabel Machado

Best Alabama Short

The Five

Best Alabama Screenplay

“(Notes on) Biology” Directed By Ornana Films

Special Jury Award

“Nate & Margaret” Directed By Nathan Adloff

Best SHOUT Narrative Feature

“Deepsouth” Directed By Lisa Biagiotti

Best SHOUT Doc Feature

“In Search of Avery Williard” Directed By Cary Kehayan

Best SHOUT Short

Audience Awards

The following awards are Audience Awards.

“Wolf” Directed By Ya'Ke Smith

Best Narrative Feature

“G.L.O.W.” Directed By Brett Whitcomb

Best Documentary Feature

“The Wheel” Directed By John Roberts

Best Narrative Short

“Cardboard Titanics” Directed By Sam Frazier Jr.

Best Documentary Short

“American Man” Directed By John Frankel

Best Alabama Film

“Blues for Willadean” Directed By Del Shores

Best SHOUT Narrative Feature

“All the Way Through Evening” Directed By Rohan Spong

Best SHOUT Documentary Feature

“Queen” Directed By Adam Rose

Best SHOUT Short

Progammer Awards

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