Awards from Juries of Sidewalk & SHOUT

The following awards are presented by the competition juries of Sidewalk & SHOUT.

“Cook County” Directed By David Pomes

Best Narrative Feature

“Medicine for Melancholy” Directed By Barry Jenkins

Best Director

“Intimidad” Directed By David Redmon & Ashley Sabin

Best Documentary Feature

“Young Arabs” Directed By Michael Graziano & Kogonada

Best Short Documentary

“We Are Wizards” Directed By Josh Koury

Special Jury Award for Feature Documentary

“Silly & Serious: William Robinson and Self Portraits” Directed By Dennis Tupicoff

Special Jury Award for Short Documentary

“Flow: For the Love of Water” Directed By Irena Salina

Reel Green Award

“eDump” Directed By Michael Zhao

Special Reel Green Jury Award

“The Adventure” Directed By Mike Brune

Best Short Film

“Starsearcher” Directed By Adam Brown

Best Animated Film

“Viola: The Traveling Rooms of a Little Giant” Directed By Shih-Ting Hung

Best Student Film

“Trust” Directed By Daniel Scheinert

Best Alabama Short Film

“Hirsute” Directed By A.J. Bond

Kathryn Tucker Windham Storytelling Award

“Glory at Sea” Directed By Benh Zeitlin

Special Jury Award for Outstanding Filmmaking

“20th Century Reliance” Directed By Andrew Grace

Special Jury Award

Fine Lines; Foundation of Success

Excellence in Documenting Educational Disparity

“Donkey Fountain” Directed By Tollie Jones & Charlie Sanders

For Silently Celebrating the Spirit of the South


For Courage in Exploration of Unconventional Love

“One Bad Bastard” Directed By Carey Rayburn

Best Catchphrase

“A Good Man (Screenplay)” Directed By Stacey Davis

SideWrite Grand Prize

“Love In the Grocery Store (Screenplay)” Directed By Tam Le

SideWrite Production Prize

“Out-Touching Cancer” Directed By Margaret Broach & Kristen Ryan

Sidewalk Chalk: Curing Childhood Cancer Winner

Audience Awards

The following awards are Audience Awards.

“Coyote” Directed By Brian Petersen

Best Narrative Feature

“Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father” Directed By Kurt Kuenne

Best Documentary Feature

“Sebastian's Voodoo” Directed By Joaquin Baldwin

Best Short Film

“Skiptracers” Directed By Harris Mendheim

Best Alabama Film

Progammer Awards

August 19-25, 2024

Sidewalk Film Festival

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