Awards from Juries of Sidewalk & SHOUT

The following awards are presented by the competition juries of Sidewalk & SHOUT.

“Easy Listening” Directed By Pamela Corkey

Best Narrative Feature

“Shalom, Y'all” Directed By Brian Bain

Best Documentary Feature

“Fits & Starts” Directed By Vince Di Meglio

Best Short Film (Tie)

“Une Fille de Joie” Directed By Oliver Van Maldergham

Best Short Film (Tie)

“Ray4theNBA” Directed By Jim O'Donnell

Best Documentary Short

“Hannah Can't Swim” Directed By Randall Good

Best Student Film

“Smile” Directed By Paul Godbey

Best Microshort

“Vigorish” Directed By Chris Mohney

Best Short Script

“Abracadabra” Directed By Robert Rugan

Alabama Spectrum Award

“Funny Ha-Ha” Directed By Andrew Bujalski

Special Jury Prize for Performance by an Ensemble Cast

“American Dreams” Directed By H&S Productions

Film the Dream Award

Audience Awards

The following awards are Audience Awards.

“Chance” Directed By Amber Benson

Best Feature - Audience Choice

“Shalom Y'all” Directed By Brian Bain

Best Documentary - Audience Choice

“Crank Calls” Directed By Terry Rietta

Best Short - Audience Choice

Progammer Awards

August 19-25, 2024

Sidewalk Film Festival

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