Nick Ferlisi has been involved with Sidewalk since 2015, serving as a member of the Youth Board and participated/attended the Festival almost every year since. Since 2022, he’s worked at the Cinema as a Projectionist. Nick’s deep love of film has been prevalent for most of his life, aspiring to become a filmmaker at a young age with the hope of telling a variety of stories for all to enjoy. As time has gone, on one thing is certain: Nick lives and breathes film. Whether it’s an old-timey classic, a grandiose technicolor epic, a campy B-horror flick, an artsy international think piece, or even a blockbuster superhero spectacle, he’s probably seen them all! One of his favorites is February’s Staff Pick…and here’s what he had to say about it:

Vertigo, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 suspenseful sensation, was one of his films I didn’t get around to seeing until my sophomore year of college film class –  and it disappoints me that it took so long to discover this astonishing classic. From the colorfully eye-popping intro to the gripping finale, I found my mind spinning around in amazement and curiosity as this story has a great deal to tell – making me come back for more. This film manages to thrill me, shock me, and entertain me…as well as perplex me. I was truly hypnotized by those spirals! When looking back at the journey for this film’s place in cinema history, it’s an interesting story. This was a film made by a world renowned director that wasn’t very well-received upon release – then fast-forward some decades later and it’s hailed as one of the greatest films ever made… second chances do exist!

I’ve seen an abundant amount of old movies (more than I can honestly count) and I want to share the love for these old pictures with newer audiences. Some things take time to be fully appreciated… and that’s what happened here with Vertigo. Not only do I want people to have the opportunity to see an old classic, but to take some time to appreciate and learn from the old stuff, as well.

Hope everyone will be on the edge of their seats and enjoy the suspense!”

– Nick Ferlisi

August 19-25, 2024

Sidewalk Film Festival

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