By Rachel Morgan, Creative Director

You may know this year marks the 25th annual Sidewalk Film Festival. But you may not know our Shout LGBTQ+ film festival has been around for 18 years now! The Shout LGBTQ+ lineup is stellar this year, so you can’t really go wrong — but if you’re looking to narrow down the list, here’s a suggested approach.

Shout LGBTQ+ Spotlight Night: Kokomo City

Wednesday, Aug. 23, at 7 p.m.

Sidewalk Cinema Theater A and B

1821 2nd Ave. N.

One of the most stylish films in the lineup,

Kokomo City reflects the life and times of several New York and Georgia-based black transgender sex workers. Provocative, revealing and unapologetically honest, Kokomo City is music industry veteran D. Smith’s debut feature documentary. If you like Tangerine (Shout opening 2015), the Shout 2016 opening night film Kiki, iconic documentary, Streetwise (1984) or David LaChapelle’s Rize (2005), you definitely won’t want to miss this Shout spotlight selection.


Saturday, Aug. 26, at 8:10 p.m.

Lyric Theatre

1800 3rd Ave. NAlso not-to-be-missed is Bottoms, the new comedy from Emma Seligman, director of breakout indie hit (and Sidewalk Cinema selection) Shiva Baby. We’re so excited to host Bottoms during its nationwide opening weekend! As part of an elaborate ruse to hook up with cheerleaders, unpopular high school seniors PJ and Josie launch a fight club. What more do you need to know?! It’s co-written by star Rachel Sennott and produced by Cocaine Bear director Elizabeth Banks. If you like Booksmart, Happy Death Day and/or Superbador if a John Hughes/Judd Apatow mashup sounds appealing, this is the film for you!

Gay as Hell Music Videos

Saturday, Aug. 26, at 9:45 p.m.

Sidewalk Cinema Theater B

1821 2nd Ave. N.

If you dislike having fun, then Gay as Hell Music Videos isn’t for you. This micro-compilation of gay-as-hell classic and modern music videos includes everything from Mick Jagger and David Bowie singing to each other and acting … well, gay … to Lady Gaga channeling Mathew Barney. And you get all the Depeche Mode, Wham, Sophie B. Hawkins (and more) in between. Most importantly, vintage commercials are included and, yes, most of them are gay, too. This super fun block is also free!


Sunday, Aug. 27, at 4:05 p.m.

Sidewalk Cinema Theater A

1821 2nd Ave. N.

Another free event! Intimate folk/Americana indie musician ISMAY will perform selections of original music, as well as their favorite Lucinda Williams songs, in advance of their feature Finding Lucinda (another great option in the Shout program). For a preview visit Also be sure to see the film Finding Lucinda later that same evening at 9 at the Kress Building Ballroom (former RMTC). If you’re a fan of Brandi Carlisle, Orville Peck, Lucinda Williams, Tegan & Sara or indie folk or alt-country in general, you’ll want to catch this unique, unrepeatable opportunity.


Plus, the 25th annual Sidewalk Film Festival closing night film is a Shout title, It’s Only Life After All, a total no-brainer for fans of the Indigo Girls. But it’s also for anyone interested in queer advocacy and/or music industry politics and history.

Then there’s Chasing Chasing Amy, a must-see for Kevin Smith fans. And Break the Game for gamers (especially Zerds). Queens of Birmingham for drag-goers. A shorts block dedicated to Shout LGBTQ+ themes. And for cinephiles, we’re incredibly honored to have the new Ira Sachs film Passages.

For full details on those, plus everything else in our lineup, check out our schedule online. And, of course, go ahead and grab those tickets and passes!



August 19-25, 2024

Sidewalk Film Festival

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