Submit a Film


2016 Call for Entries is Open!

The 18th Annual Sidewalk Film Festival, will take place August 26 – 28, 2016, in downtown Birmingham, Alabama.

Available competitive categories include the below.  Please see our Film Freeway listing for deadlines and submission fees.

  • Narrative Feature (fiction film of 45+ minutes)
  • Narrative Short (fiction film of 44 minutes or less)
  • Documentary Feature (non-fiction film of 45+ minutes)
  • Documentary Short (non-fiction film of 44 minutes or less)
  • Animated Short (majority animated film of 44 minutes or less)
  • Music Video (traditional or experimental music videos of 10 minutes or less)
  • Episodic Content (content intended for serial viewing such as tv shows, webisodes, etc of 45 minutes or less)
  • Teen Category (films of 44 minutes or less created by teen filmmakers)
  • Family Film Festival (films intended for children of all ages)
  • Sidewrite Short Screenplay Competition (shooting scripts for films of 15 pages or less)

Please be aware that we offer discounted submission fees to our Alabama filmmakers, our returning filmmakers, and student submitters.

  • Sidewalk Alumni: Code SWALUMN16 offers a $5 discount for returning Sidewalk Alumni. A Sidewalk Alumni includes an Above The Line filmmaker (Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Actor in a starring role) who has screened their film at the Sidewalk Film Festival in a previous year (1999-2015).
  • Student Films: Code SWSTUDENT16 offers a $5 discount for student films. A Student Film includes films produced or directed by individuals who are enrolled in school (college or graduate level) and carry a valid student ID at the time of the film’s production.
  • Alabama Films: Code ALABAMA16 offers a $5 discount for Alabama-produced films. Alabama Productions include films that have been fully or partially filmed in Alabama and/or fully or partially produced in the state of Alabama. Partial Alabama productions must include at least 1 scene filmed in Alabama and/or at least 20% of the total budget spent in the state of Alabama. Alternatively a film that has the participation of at least 1 above the line filmmaker (Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Actor in a starring role) that currently lives in the State of Alabama and/or is an Alabama native can be considered an Alabama film.