Saturday Spotlight


Saturday, August 25th, Alabama Theatre

Eating Alabama/Andrew Beck Grace/USA/Documentary

On the heels of discovering that the majority of our food travels over a thousand miles from the farm to the dinner table, filmmaker, University of Alabama Professor of Documentary Film, and Tuscaloosa resident, Andy Grace, embarks upon a quest to eat only local foods for one full year. Along with friends, Joe and Sara, and his wife, Rashmi, Grace soon realizes that his quest to eat locally and seasonally in a state once known for farming, is about more than just food, health and responsibility, but is deeply entwined in community, lifestyle and heritage.

Eating Alabama has a life outside of the film and has an accompanying blog, headed by Grace, that pre-dates the documentary, as well as multiple offshoot projects such the Druid City Garden Project run by Rashmi. A thoughtful and often funny essay on community, the South and sustainability, Eating Alabama is a story about why food matters. Sidewalk is proud to host the statewide premiere of the introspective and enlightening documentary.

Director Andy Grace is scheduled to attend.