Filmmaker Info

Congratulations on being accepted to Sidewalk 2017! All filmmakers are required to submit the film traffic form below. You’ll also find the travel assistance request form if you’re planning on joining us at the fest.

Questions? Please email Chelsea at filmmakercomm[at]sidewalkfest[dot]com.

Shorts Film Traffic Form – Click here.
Complete this form by July 28th.

Features Film Traffic Form – Click here.
Complete this form by August 4th.

Travel Assistance Request Form – Click here.
Complete this form by July 21st.

Please note: At Sidewalk, we strive to maintain our reputation as “the filmmaker’s film festival.” To this end, we do our best to provide travel assistance to accepted filmmakers who wish to attend, and we would love to bring everyone to Birmingham. However, as we are a non-profit organization, our limited budget means that we will inevitably receive many more requests for travel assistance than we are able to accommodate. Please be aware when requesting travel assistance that it is not guaranteed. You will be notified either way by 7/31 so that you can still make plans to attend if we are unable to accommodate your request.